Finding Purpose

Our city is home to many talented people with great potential, young and old, of many different backgrounds. Too often we see talents wasted or under-appreciated, and people not given opportunities to use those talents to the benefit of themselves and others. As the saying goes, 'a rising tide lifts all ships', and I'd like to see us place value in everything: from arts and culture to research and development. I also want to see people find passion in what they do and fulfill the integral roles in our economy and our society, and intend to seek out ways in which Auckland Council can improve the form of our city and the delivery of its services to achieve this end.

I want to ensure that we have a resilient and productive community in Auckland, with a good mix of primary, secondary and tertiary sector industries linked into the rest of the country's economy. Ensuring a sustainable primary sector, and a robust local secondary sector means more jobs for our people, and this in turn will support our existing tertiary professions that are our most vulnerable in the event of crises. To me it is about looking beyond any one individual, and seeing the bigger picture, the long-term plan. We want every generation, now and after us, to have good quality of life, and this will require preparedness and cooperation.

Many factors will influence this intent, but fundamentally it will come down to our people of Auckland coming together as a community. Auckland Council has a network of community centres and programmes, and many other parts of its operations that work with our communities directly. Led by our local boards, these branches of the Council can connect people together and foster learning, cooperation and prosperity.